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Accommodation prices


Check-in is from 14:00 until 21:00

Accommodation outside the check-in time is possible only after individual agreement with landlord.
1 adult (from 11.99 years of age)
19.00 € / night (price when occupying all beds in the room)
  • 2 beds: 38.00 € / night
  • 3 beds: 57.00 € / night
  • 4 beds: 76.00 € / night
1 adult, 1 or more nights in a 2-bed room
€ 30.00 / night

Christmas, Silvester,Festivals

1 person

30,00 € / night


  • children younger than 5,99 years without the need for bed stays for free
  • children between 6 until 11,99 years of age has 50 % off

Additional payments

  • Local tourist tax per person per night is 1,00 €

While accommodated, these services can also be used

  • Garden and outside fireplace
  • Outside barbecue seating for 30 guests
  • Smaller seating for goulash or grill for 6 guests
  • Car parking spot monitored by camera
  • Internet connection (WiFi coverage in the whole guesthouse)
  • Children playground, trampoline, sand box
  • Football gates

General conditions

The owner upon agreement with the guests reserves the right to adjust the following items: accomodation price, deposit price, cancellation terms, timeframe for free cancellation of the reservation and amount of the refunded deposit in case of non-attendance in the cancellation period, length of stay, number of guests – adults and children, price of children discount.

The owner reserves the right to request a deposit for a stay, subject to an individual agreement (usually 50% of the whole price). In the case of non-payment of the deposit according to these conditions (payment date of the deposit, amount of the deposit), the owner is allowed to cancel the booked stay. In case the guest violates agreed accomodation conditions (number of guests, date of stay, number of adults, children under 12 years old, children under 6 years old), the deposit is forfeited to the owner.

The owner does not guarantee the availability of additional services that are not directly related to the accommodation – such as TV, WiFi, SAT, coffee machine, etc. These services are operated with the help of 3rd party, who also does not guarantee their service to the owner of the pension. These services therefore cannot be demanded.

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